Who installs service connections?
• New, full water service connections (main-to-meter): Lakehaven (“dig-in” installation).
• New water meter into existing meter setter: Lakehaven (“drop-in” installation).
• Private water supply line (meter-to-building): Owner/Applicant.
• Sewer service connection in public ROW &/or within Lakehaven easement: Owner must employ a sewer service contractor authorized by Lakehaven for this type of work.
• Sewer service connection on private property: Owner can use any party they choose, however Lakehaven recommends utilizing competent & experienced contractors.

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1. What areas does Lakehaven provide water and sewer service to?
2. Where is the nearest existing water &/or sewer main line pipe in relation to my property?
3. Where can I obtain information about sewer service in the City of Edgewood?
4. What’s required to obtain a new or modified water and/or sewer service connection, or repair of an existing sewer service?
5. How can I obtain a copy of Lakehaven’s current design standards, construction/material specifications, and/or standard plan drawings?
6. How long does it typically take to have a water service connection/meter installed or Sewer Service Connection Permit issued?
7. Do I need a “Certificate of Availability”?
8. If my property is within Lakehaven’s water and/or sewer service area(s), am I required to connect my property/building(s) to Lakehaven’s water and/or sanitary sewer system?
9. Will obtaining a service connection require me to construct additional system facilities (mainline, hydrants, manholes, etc.)?
10. What do I do if a Developer Extension Agreement is required?
11. Who installs service connections?
12. How do I locate utility services before I accidentally dig them up?
13. Who should I contact with other or additional questions?