Rates Glossary


  • Block Rates - Water usage is billed according to the number of CCF’s used. The 1st 16 CCF's are billed at the Block 1 rate, the next 14 CCF at the Block 2 rate, and continues as shown in the table on the Water Rates Page.
  • CCF - 100 Cubic Feet (748 gallons).
  • CDC - Classification for non-residential sewer customers based on the strength of the wastewater discharged to the District’s collection and treatment system.
  • Commercial - Any non-residential customer excluding Public Authority and irrigation.
  • Dormant Charge - The rate charged on an irrigation meter when there is no water usage. This rate is based on the monthly base rate of a 5/8" meter.
  • Fire Sprinkler - Meters specifically for fire protection flow.
  • Fixed Rate - The monthly base rate for service connection. This rate does not include usage.
  • Irrigation - Outdoor water usage.
  • Multiple Residential Unit Structures - Structure containing 2 or more separate units of residential living space served by a single water meter.
  • Public Authority - Municipally owned or operated public services businesses.
  • Residential - Single family residence
  • Summer Usage - Bills dated August 1 - November 30.
  • Wet Month Average - 4 month average of winter water usage.
  • Winter Usage - All water usage other than Summer Usage as defined herein (8 months).