Emergency Contact Information

Lakehaven Contacts
  •  Report a water or sewer emergency: 253-945-1516.  An after-hours recording will advise you what should do. 
Emergency Information Sites
Post Emergency Contact Information at Home:
Your Family Emergency Plan: Gather the following information, write it down, and make copies for family members to keep!
  • Emergency Contact Person
  • Emergency Contact Phone and Address
  • Meeting Place Number 1 (near home)
  • Cell/Home Phone and Address
  • Meeting Place Number 2 (away from home)
  • Cell/Home Phone and Address

Other Emergency Contact Information to include: Look up the local numbers missing below to include on your list.*

  • Emergency (police, fire, rescue, medical, hazardous materials): 911
  • Non-Emergency Dispatch (if not a life-threatening situation): *____________________________ .
  •  Federal Way Fire Department: 253-839-6234
  •  Washington Poison Center (for toxic exposure and advice): 206-526-2121 or 800-222-1222
  •  Puget Sound Energy (for power outages, downed wires, and gas leaks): 888-225-5773
  •  Tacoma Public Utilities (for power outages and downed wires): *___________________________ .