Water Conservation Demonstration Garden

The Lakehaven Water and Sewer District Water Conservation Garden was constructed with the generous support of local businesses to serve as a demonstration garden to promote outdoor water conservation. The garden is located at 31531 1st Avenue South in Federal Way, Washington. Brochures on conservation gardening, soil preparation and plant lists are available at the District's Office. If you would like further information call 253-946-5446.

Water Conservation Garden Plant List

Conservation gardening is a relatively new concept in the Northwest that represents a sensible old idea: Let the outdoor environment you create around your home echo the natural world of your region.

It often means the use of native plants, or plants adapted to the area's level of natural rainfall. Typically, native drought tolerant plants are used in conservation landscaping.


The primary goal of conservation landscaping is to reduce the amount of water applied to the landscape. It may take up to 3 years to wean a new or transformed landscape to a minimum of applied water, but with careful planning, it's quite possible to reduce or completely eliminate the need for added water above natural precipitation.

Remember: a water-efficient landscape is not made up entirely of low-water plants, so use these plants to take advantage of, or enhance specific conditions in your landscape or garden. Again, remember to plant in the fall to help your roots establish during the rainy season with a minimum of applied water.

The District Water Conservation Garden is located at:

Lakehaven Center

31531 1st Avenue South

Federal Way, WA 98003