Preparation Before a Disaster Happens

Emergency Preparedness Guide
This brochure contains some basic information about disasters and tips on emergency preparedness. It will help you and your family to make an emergency plan, put together an emergency kit, and learn what to do before, during, and after a disaster.
  1. Basic Survival Tips

    Find survival tips if your power goes out and if food supplies are low.

  2. Emergency Contact Information

    Find a list of emergency contact for Lakehaven, helpful websites, and a list for you to fill in your personal emergency contact information for you family to use during an emergency.

  3. General Rules of Thumb

    If an emergency or disaster happens, there are a few things you should do right away: stay clam, check the scene, give and get help, listen for official emergency announcements, and get prepared to evacuate if told to by local authorities.

  4. Getting Ready

    Make an emergency plan and put together an emergency kit.

  5. Staying Healthy & Safe After a Disaster

    Find out ways to cope with a traumatic experience and ways you can help others in an emergency.

  6. What to Do Until Help Arrives

    Find steps to take to help sick or injured people around you.

  7. When a Disaster/Emergency Happens

    Find some tips on how to know when there is an emergency, information about different types of disasters, and advice on how you can stay safe if and when they do.