1. Commissioner Nowicki
    NEWS RELEASE: Items Found in District Manhole

    Wednesday, August 31, 2016
    On Wednesday August 24th, a Lakehaven Utility District field crew discovered that a sewer manhole lid located in the area of 6th Ave SW and S. 328th Ct was ajar. Further investigation revealed that an assortment of personal items, including binoculars, food, a toy gun, clothing and a pick were located at the bottom of the manhole. The open sewer channel at the bottom of the manhole was covered by a piece of plywood.

    Two youths, estimated to be in their early teens, were seen in the vicinity of the manhole as the items were removed and appeared to walk towards the closed manhole as the crew began to leave the area. When asked if they had been in the manhole, one of the youths indicated that he had. The personal items were returned to the two and they were instructed on the dangers of entering a sewer manhole. Both indicated that they would not enter a manhole in the future.

    District General Manager, John Bowman, has fielded a number of calls from local and national media regarding the incident. In regard to concerns about whether one or both of the youths were “living” in the manhole, Bowman notes “in the response given to the District field crew, neither boy stated that they were actually living in the manhole. Although the existence of the plywood and personal items certainly demonstrates that the manhole had been entered, there is no conclusive evidence that either of them had ever been living inside of it.”

    Sewer manholes are not safe places and District crews employ both safety equipment and safety procedures any time they are required to enter a manhole. As Bowman added, “regardless of the purpose, it is not safe for a member of the public to enter a manhole. We are fortunate that our crew discovered this before anyone was hurt.”

    John Bowman may be reached at 253-946-5401.


    2015 Annual Water Quality Report is available online at the following URL: www.lakehaven.org/CCR

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